Wellness Wednesday IV

Hey there friends!

This weeks workout will be focusing on everyone's favorite thing, cardio. I think they should make the official name hardio lol

Anyways, i'm training for an event at the end of the year and thought I would share one of my cardio workouts with you!

As per usual, I recommend that you foam roll (10-20min) due to the amount of leg activity involved in this workout.

Now that your legs are nice and loose, we're going to go for a slow paced run. When I say slow, I mean you can walk faster than this pace, but it's the running motion that counts. Shoot for about 10-12 min per mile.

That wasn't too bad was it? You should be warmed up now and ready to challenge the legs.

For the rest of the workouts I wear a weighted vest, but you don't need to use that unless you want to really challenge yourself. 

The second activity will be on the stair stepper. If you do not have one of these machines, you can go to a football stadium and walk the stairs. I like to spend about 30 min on this. If you are unable to complete 30 min, you can break it up in to 10 min on each machine until you have done 30 min.

Next will be incline walking. Set the treadmill to about 2-3 mph on the highest incline. Try not to use the arm rails for this workout. You won't have those when you are out in the real world hiking up a hill. If you have to put your hands on your hips to help you step. Again, go for about 30 min's on the treadmill. 

The final workout will be on the stationary bike. Find a setting that you will be able to do for 30 min and go. Simple enough.   

Your legs should be feeling like jello right about now! If not, then you are a beast!! Please stretch and foam roll after this workout or you wont be able to walk properly in a day or so.

Good job friends hope to see you all next week!



  • 2 mile run slow paced 20-25 min
  • 30 min stair stepper
  • 30 min max incline treadmill walk
  • 30 min stationary bike