Wellness Wednesday Vlll

Hello everyone!

I hope you have recovered from last weeks workout. If you didn't get to check that one out please click this link: Wellness Wednesday VII 

Lets begin! Start with 5-10 minutes of foam rolling to get warmed up.

Today we will be doing one of my personal creations, The Battle of Thermopylae.

300 burpees and 3000 jump ropes

This workout can be scaled if you cant complete the standard amount. You can break it up however you like but I found it easier to do 30 sets of 10 reps/100 jump ropes

Here is an example of what I did

  • 10 burpees
  • 100 jump rope
  • 10 burpees
  • 100 jump rope

If you are in great shape shoot for around 30-40 minutes to complete the workout.

First person to complete this in 30 minutes will receive something special!!

Hope you all had fun with this workout! I'll see you next week!



Wellness Wednesday VI

Hello everyone!

Sorry I didn't post last weeks wellness wednesday :/

Anyways, thank you for stopping by. This weeks workout will be good for people with a limited amount of time.

First we will start with 5-10 minutes of foam rolling. If you need some tips/tricks for the foam roller check out this page Kelly Starret is pretty much an idol to all mobility trainers out there. He has revolutionized the way people think about human movement and athletic performance. If you find him interesting check out his book Becoming a Supple Leopard

This workout will consist of three movements. It will be a total of 10 rounds. The exercises are listed below.

  • Jump Rope
  • Push-Ups
  • Dumbbell Snatch

For the jump ropes you will do 100 reps, push-ups 10 reps, and 10 reps for the dumbbell snatch.

I completed this workout in 14:16. If you can beat my time I will send you something special :)

Here is an example of what 1 round will look like:

  • Jump ropes 100
  • Push-ups 10
  • Dumbbell snatch 10

Remember, if you are having a hard time with completing the first set you can always adjust the reps but do not cheat yourself!

That wraps up today's workout. Thank you for stopping by and I will see you next week!!